Ansible For DevOps provisioning

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  • Last Update December 23, 2020


Ansible for DevOps Beginners and System Admins course helps you to understand how Ansible works and automate your day-to-day activities. We have discussed various topics like ad-hoc commands, playbooks, variables, inventory, roles with detailed examples.

What Will I Learn?

  • Able to write Ansible playbooks and roles
  • Automate regular system administration tasks

Topics for this course


DevOps Principle and Role of Ansible?

Recognize the role of Ansible in the implementation of DevOps principes and key phases of Ansible automation for DevOps

Ansible Components?

List the key features and the critical roles played by the essential components of Ansible

Installing Ansible?

Demonstrate how to install Control Machine and Managed Nodes to set up Ansible

Preparing Ansible Sandbox?

Configure Ansible Sandbox using virtualization on local machines

Ansible Configuration Parameter?

Recall the essential configuration parameters of Ansible with focus on the configuration file and environmental configuration

Inventroy File in Ansible?

Create inventory files to enable communication with Ansible Server

Ansible User and Resource Management?

Demonstrate how to use important administrative commands in Ansible to manage users, servers and files

Ansible GUI using AWX?

Demonstrate the steps involved in setting up Ansible and powering GUI capability using AWX

Ansible Playbook Features and YAML Structure?

Recognize the features of Ansible Playbook and identify the important tags used in YAML to create Playbook for configuration management

Running Ansible Plalybook on AWX?

Demonstrate how to run Ansible Playbooks on AWX server


About the instructor

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  • Should have basic Linux knowledge
  • Basic AWS EC2 service knowledge

Target Audience

  • A beginner who are curious to learn Ansible
  • DevOps Engineer how doesn't know Configuration Management tool