Multi-cloud Management using DevOps principles

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Future Trends and Impact?

recognize the future trends in Cloud Computing that a CloudOps Architect should be aware of in order to be able to conduct impact analysis on existing CloudOps practices
Future Trends and Impact5:31

Emerging Technologies and Impact?

list the prominent emerging technologies along with their associated impact on CloudOps

Solutioning Strategies?

recall the Solutioning Strategies that can be adopted by a CloudOps Architect to accommodate the changes that are driven by emerging technologies in the existing CloudOps architectures

Resource Types to Upgrade CloudOps Team?

recognize the key Resource Types that can help a CloudOps Architect keep track of the future CloudOps developments and adopt the right trending feature to improve existing CloudOps architectures

Cloud Application Design for Futuristic Upgrades?

recall the critical Cloud Application Design considerations that a CloudOps Architect need to adhere to in order to ensure they can adopt and adapt to any futuristic upgrades to the existing practices

Inside-Out Development?

describe the Inside-out Development strategy that can help CloudOps teams focus on implementing Domain Model before defining how they are to be used by the external world to ensure they can adapt to futuristic interfaces

Outside-In Development?

describe the Outside-in Development strategy that can help CloudOps team focus on Solutioning and reduce accidental complexity by removing speculative work

Handling States for Futuristic System Integration?

recognize the role of states that are applied in scalable architectures of Multi-cloud and that provides approaches of handing states at service level and move into futuristic systems integration

System Architecture Design Consideration?

describe the System Architecture Design considerations that a CloudOps team must adopt to be able to build architectures that adopts and adapts to futuristic innovations with the use of the Adapter pattern

Manifesto for Future Generation Cloud?

recall the Manifesto for Future Generation Cloud along with the areas that are relevant in the Cloud horizon that a CloudOps Architect need to be prepared in order to be able to align with the future research directions