Planning and implementing right-sized Multi-cloud Solutions

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Components of Solutioning?

list the essential components that play key roles in solutioning CloudOps projects
Components of Solutioning6:07

Role of Layered Approach & Multiple Viewpoint?

recognize the role of Layered approach in managing Enterprise CloudOps applications and specify the Multiple Viewpoint elements from the perspective of users, operators, engineers and managers

Role-based CloudOps Solutioning Architecture?

describe the Role-based CloudOps Solutioning architecture reference models that are guided by DMTF, IBM and NIST

Layer-based CloudOps Solutioning Architecture?

describe the Layer-based CloudOps Solutioning architecture reference models that are guided by CISCO, IEFT and ITU

Cloud Engineer Types & Roles?

categorize the different types of Cloud Engineers along with their roles in defining vision and providing logical and physical architecture during CloudOps Solutioning process

Evolutionary Steps to Define Successful CloudOps?

recognize the Evolutionary steps that need to be used to define successful CloudOps adoption to ensure processes have close alignment with business goals and strategies

Role of Cloud Governance Framework?

define the role of Cloud Governance Framework in addressing gaps, deficiencies and providing comprehensive Cloud-centric governance for each phase of the cloud transformation lifecycle used in CloudOps

RACI Matrix of Roles?

specify the Responsible, Accountable, Consulted and Informed Matrix of Roles played by all the stakeholders engaged in solutioning CloudOps

Measure and Metrics of Solutioning CloudOps?

list the Measures and Metrics of each step involved in solutioning CloudOps strategy for an enterprise to derive sustainable models

Anatomy of Cloud Service Agreement?

describe the anatomy of Cloud Service Agreement that must be factored by CloudOps Architects to define SLAs and Fair Use Policy of Cloud services

CloudOps Solutioning Tools?

recall the prominent CloudOps Solutioning tools that can be used to design, plan, architect, implement and estimate costs to ensure CloudOps solutioning provides expected ROI

Monitoring, Metering and Billing Components?

describe the logical CloudOps Architecture with the Monitoring, Metering and Billing components and list the essential factors that can help derive pricing model of the Cloud services that are used to build CloudOps solutions