Role of CloudOps Architect

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cloudOps roles and responsibilities?

Define roles and responsibilities of cloudOps Architect to architect cloudOps practices to manage multi-cloud service deployment and management
cloudOps roles and responsibilities3:51

Cloud Strategy and Architecture services?

Recognize Cloud Strategy & Architecture Service enumerated by cloudOps architect to deliver multi-cloud operations management

Solution architect vs cloudops architect?

List difference between roles played by solution architect and a cloudOps architect and identify deliverables that need to be delivered by them to deploy and manage multi-tier applications on multi-cloud Environment

challenges that need to be manage cloudOps Architect?

Recognize challenges of CloudOps that need to be managed by cloudOps Architects to ensure agile delivery mechanism and optimization of IT services and workloads that need to run in the multi-cloud environment

Solutions planned by cloudOps Architect?

Classify solutions that need to be planned by cloudOps Architects to effectively implement security, Traffic management, Automation and Orchestration of multi-cloud applications

computing reference model and governance?

Describe cloud computing reference model and cloud governance lifecycle that need to be implemented by cloudOps Architect to build cloudOps framework

success factors and benchmark used by cloudops architect?

Recognize key success factors that need to be considered as benchmark by cloudOps Architect to identify business value of suggested cloudOps architecture

CLoudOps Team structure and service delivery model?

Describe Team structure and Service delivery model that helps cloudOps Architect to address key challenges to enumerate multi-cloud delivery model

standards and compliances?

Recognize standards and compliance that cloud architect need to assess to meet compliance requirement that need to be applied on multi-cloud practices

Tools and frameworks used by cloudOps architects?

List tools and frameworks used by cloudOps architect to assess cloud operations and identify current capabilities of multi-cloud

Target operating model adopted by cloudOps architect?

Describe target operating model that need to be proposed by cloudOps architect to derive vision to deliver value through appropriate cloud strategy

Multi-cloud maturity model and transformation workflow?

Describe multi-cloud maturity model and transformation workflows that need to be adopted by CloudOps Architect to build solution for cloudOps Delivery mechanism